Pastas | Raviolis | Risotto

Plats Signature

Raviolone Giulietta

Homemade ravioli stuffed with burrata and ricotta, truffle cream sauce / extra fresh black truffles (in season)

Ravioli Neri

Homemade black ravioli stuffed with lobster, shrimp & ricotta in homemade lobster bisque, with cherry tomatoes

Penne Stella

Pasta with cream and sage, flambéed with Cognac in its parmesan cheese, the show in front of you ! / extra fresh black truffle (in season)

Liguine All'Astice

Half lobster shelled in lightly spiced tomato sauce, homemade lobster bisque and fresh basil


Penne Al Pomodoro E Basilco

Pasta with homemade tomato sauce & fresh basil

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

Guanciale (dried pork flavored with herbs), panna, egg yolk, parmesan reggiano cheese

Fusilli Vitello

Fresh pasta prepared with minced veal, homemade tomato sauce with cream, cherry tomatoes & mushrooms

Tagliatelle alfredo al pollo

Diced chicken, cream, parmesan reggiano cheese

Linguine Alle Vongole Veraci

Pasta with clams, cherry tomatoes, garlic & parsley, white wine

Tagliatelle al king krab

Homemade fresh tagliatelle, king crab, tomato sauce & homemade shellfish bisque


Risotto Al Gamberoni

Risotto with prawns, parmesan & fresh basil

Risotto Al Tartufo Nero

Fresh black truffle risotto (in season)